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SaviSnaps "Friendors"

SaviSnaps works with many different vendors.  Some of these vendors have that professionalism and flair that fits well with our mission.  these vendors become our Friendors.  These are people we recommend and believe will fit in well at your event. 


SaviSnaps can provide you with Friendors in many areas.  We will gladly make recommendations to you or provide your information to them or both.  We will connect you with affordable, fun, professional people.  Some services we may be able to provide ourselves.  

While SaviSnaps may recommend Friendors, we do not take a cut in their service.  We do it because we believe they are professional, fun, and affordable and would be perfect for you.  

                                                                                                          Ask us for recommendations!




-Graphic Artist 





-invitations/cards/save the date etc...             





 -and more!           

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